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As the best tree service in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, we handle several tree care tasks all around the state of Michigan. We are a client-focused business that also offers tree service. We hire only the most qualified and dedicated staff members and treat every client like family. Since 2000, we have provided services to local owners of both residential and commercial property, and we are proud to be a part of the Bloomfield Hills business community.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free tree service estimate. Usually, our staff arrives at your residence the same day or the next.

WB Tree Service Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

We operate as a family-run company in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We started in the year 2000 with a pickup and a chainsaw and have since expanded into a fully equipped and skilled tree care service. Our company’s guiding principle is to treat every client with respect, honesty, and care while offering the best tree maintenance services available. We succeed in this through capable leadership and devoted crew members. By offering outstanding customer service at competitive pricing, we have established a strong reputation in the sector. Tree service work can be expensive due to people, equipment, and high insurance rates, but we offer both reasonable prices and top-notch tree service work.

Top Reasons Bloomfield Hills, MI, Depends on Us for Tree Service

The top 10 reasons to call us the next time you need high-quality, reasonably priced expert tree care are listed below. Don’t merely accept what we say as true. Read number 7 to learn what other clients have to say about our client-centered approach to tree maintenance.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for All Your Tree Care Requirements

Many businesses make claims that they will give you value for your money, but how frequently do they do so? We do! We are the best for all of your needs involving competent tree work, and we won’t settle for anything less than your complete satisfaction!

Our tree care specialists complete the task flawlessly the first time because we value your time, resources, and possessions. Additionally, you may have peace of mind knowing that your house or place of business, as well as its environs, will be secure while we are there. In order to leave your property in better condition than when we arrived, we also go above and beyond while cleaning up after ourselves.

We are Michigan’s preferred tree service, particularly in the Bloomfield Hills region. Thanks to you, our devoted and steadfast customers, who have trusted us with all your tree service requirements, from tree removals to tree trimming to stump grinding, we are ecstatic with the success we’ve seen over the last year.

    We Offer a Full Range of Tree Services.

    We can overcome any challenge! We are aware that every issue calls for a unique response and that tree care should be based on the specific tree that requires it. As a result, we offer a variety of tree care services to our clients, ranging from routine, well-known processes to specialized services that not every tree service can offer. Since it doesn’t matter how well we do our job if our clients aren’t happy, our certified arborists will go through these services with you when they visit for your free estimate.

    We are committed to serving our clients. We make an effort to offer the best tree service we can while taking into consideration the following:

    • The best interests of your trees
    • Security for your property
    • Our first priority is the security of our personnel.
    • Complete client satisfaction

    There’s a lot to do, but you can rely on us to be at the top of our game! To make sure that all of these conditions are accomplished, we will stop at nothing. Here is a list of the services we offer. Keep in mind that we have tree care specialists who can offer additional assistance and advice on all of these choices, as well as any others you may need that aren’t listed here.

    • Tree Removal
    • Stump Removal
    • Stump Grinding
    • Tree Trimming
    • Tree Pruning
    • 24-Hour Emergency Tree Service
    • Tree Cabling & Bracing
    • Tree Crown Reduction
    • Arboriculture Consulting
    • Tree Crown Thinning
    • Brush Clearing
    • Lot/Land Clearing
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Felling
    • Tree Planting
    • Preventative Tree Care
    • Firewood

    We also take great pleasure in offering complete arboriculture remedies for your trees, landscaping, shrubs, and hedges. To learn more about the tree care services we provide, contact us right away.

    Tree Care with 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Tree Removal Rochester Hills MI Trusts

    Residential & Commercial Tree Service

    Locally Owned & Operated

    Affordable Tree Service with Skill

    The cost of professional tree service varies. This occurs as a result of the high cost of labor, insurance, and equipment. For instance, stump grinders cost over $10,000, while chippers and pickups cost over $25,000. Employee pay is based on 20% of the actual cost of labor.

    The main takeaway is that it costs a lot of money to operate a legitimate tree service company. However, you should only pick a tree service provider that pledges to its clients that this investment will be made.

    In addition to that, we work very hard to keep our prices reasonable and competitive for the superior products and services we offer. We are aware that customers seek out more from us than just the cheapest price. As a result, we offer professional tree care at a reasonable price. We are confident that the value proposition we offer will be valued by our customers.

    We Provide Services to The Entire Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Area

    There are hundreds of trees in Michigan, particularly in Bloomfield Hills, and we are specialists at caring for them. The state has deciduous woods with trees like pines, birches, ash, oaks, and elms, to name a few. All of these tree species, along with all the others that are indigenous to Michigan, require the expertise of an arborist. No matter where you are in Bloomfield Hills or the kind of tree service you need, we can help.

    Credible, Authorized, and Covered

    Our clients may rest easy knowing that we are fully licensed, insured, and have a good safety record. Safety comes first and foremost in all we do. Our track record for safety is perfect. When carrying out our operation, we take all essential precautions, including using safety ropes and harnesses, lowering large limbs, and always maintaining our equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Second, we have a Michigan state license that allows us to provide tree care services. Third, we offer workers’ compensation insurance and corporate insurance to all of our employees. You can count on us to make sure that the work is done competently, safely, and legally, in addition to being done effectively.

    Free, Same-Day Estimates

    Even though there are many Bloomfield Hills tree service providers, we take pride in being one of the few who can provide a free estimate the same day you call. We get that you need tree services as soon as possible when you desire them.

    A free on-site estimate for the tree maintenance you require kicks off this quick service. Once you’ve expressed your concern to us, we’ll do everything in our power to get you scheduled as quickly as possible, so you can relax knowing that your tree maintenance is now in the skilled hands of experts.

    We are aware of how inconvenient it can be to leave a message on an answering machine and not get a call back, or to get a call back several days later. Meeting with potential clients as soon as possible to go through their tree service needs is one of our top priorities.

    Learn What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

    Every time we get in touch with a potential client, we put our reputation in danger. Even if we only offer the client an estimate and they decide to work with another provider, we may have left a negative image that could damage our reputation. Because of this, we are happy with the comments from our loyal customers. Whether it be on Yelp, Google, HomeAdvisor, or Facebook, we take pride in the fact that the individuals we serve think highly of the work we do. Look at what real customers are saying about the service we provide.

    Emergency Tree Service Always On Call

    Top Local Tree Care Company

    Affordable Tree Service for any Budget

    Expert Tree Care by Certified Arborists

    Service for Tree Storm Damage 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day

    Ice and severe weather, especially tornadoes, can seriously harm buildings and trees. We provide 24-hour emergency tree service clean-up services in these dire circumstances to swiftly repair your property. In addition to being ugly, downed or fallen trees, broken branches, and other tree trash can be dangerous. As a result, we provide 24-hour service to remove any signs of storm-related injury to trees as soon as possible. When you contact us, we’ll be at the place of your choice right away to give you an exact price. After that, we will act quickly to send a tree service team to your house and start the restoration procedure. We offer this 24-hour service at no additional cost on top of our standard tree service because we recognize that property owners require rapid and affordable clean-up solutions during these trying times. Get in touch with the WB Tree Service, your tree removal specialists, for clean-up storm damage needs.

    We Offer Expert Tree Services

    We place the highest value on caring for trees. While anybody can trim or chop a tree, it takes skill, knowledge, and experience to do so correctly, professionally, and with respect for your entire landscape.  Furthermore, in order to give you the most expert tree care service in the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, region, we have invested years, if not decades, in acquiring our education, certifications, and expertise. Finally, we have made an investment in our business by acquiring the required equipment, insurance, and licenses. No other tree service is as committed and educated as WB Tree Service. Read through all of our blog postings about tree upkeep.

    Fairness in Pricing

    Whether in our verbal estimate or in how we break down the price of tree service around here, our price is entirely transparent.

    Tree cutting

    Costs for removing trees vary based on a number of factors, such as size and accessibility. The more substantial the tree is, the more expensive the removal will be due to labor costs. The amount of wood that needs to be chopped dictates how long it will take to remove it and how much labor will be necessary. The location and accessibility of a tree have an impact on its pricing as well. The removal of trees that are not close to a fixed structure or piece of property is simpler and does not call for the use of specialist equipment. Property owners in Bloomfield Hills, MI, may count on us to handle tree removal with ease.

    Tree Trimming

    The same variables that affect tree removal pricing, such as dimension and accessibility, also affect tree trimming prices. The amount of pruning required is a third factor to take into account. A very overgrown tree will require more trimming and wood removal than a tree that is routinely trimmed. Residents and business owners in Bloomfield Hills, MI rely on tree trimming for dependable tree maintenance.

    Stump Grinding

    The size and location affect the cost. Tree stumps in hard-to-access locations require more effort to remove, and wider stumps demand a longer time to grind.

    The cost of services can range from $85 to over $450 for stump grinding, from $190 to over $980 for tree pruning, and from $430 to over $2,100 for tree removals. These fees are merely a basic range typical of most service costs; the exact cost will depend on the specifics and special cases.

    No job too large or too small for WB Tree Service
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