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Tree Storm Damage

We are all aware of how natural phenomena such as storms can damage our trees and create dangerous situations that can’t be easily solved by minor clean-up efforts. This is the reason why we always encourage homeowners who have dead and diseased trees that are beyond recovery to have them removed before they cause serious problems. Many cases of trees falling over a roof, vehicle, power lines, and people are reported every year. Scenarios such as these can be prevented with emergency tree removal.  Tree Service Rochester Hills specializes in this challenging task. We are among the largest and most experienced tree care company in Rochester Hills, and we continue to prove our professionalism and trustworthiness over the years. We provide a wide range of tree services to cater to your every emergency need. It is typical for homeowners to panic and gets confused as to what to do during this time, and they have a lot of questions in mind:

  1. Will my insurance provider cover my emergency tree removal?
  2. Who owns this tree? Is this tree mine or my neighbor’s?
  3. Will I be liable for any damage in the event my tree falls into my neighbor’s yard?
  4. How about the damage to my property? Will it be covered?
  5. Are there emergency tree services available to remove the uprooted tree in my yard at this time?
  6. How much time will it take to fix the damage in my roof?
  7. Who should pay for the repair cost of the damage?

We get these questions during an emergency tree removal scenario. In general, the insurance company shoulders damage and repair expenses. If you hire a reliable tree company, they can be on the list of insurance company who does emergency tree removals. You can call your insurance provider, and they can provide you with a tree company that can go over the tree removal. Unless the emergency happens at night or the rain is pouring heavy, emergency tree removal can be completed within hours. It will be to your advantage if you hire a local tree company because they can respond to your emergency faster to restore the appearance of your yard. 

Another crucial factor when considering a tree company is their equipment. Emergency tree removal is no easy task. It is complicated and dangerous. Therefore it requires the use of heavy equipment that can help get the job done easier and safer. Tree Service Rochester Hills operates top-performing equipment and makes sure they are regularly maintained to keep them in top condition. Our skilled crew members are trained to control cranes enabling us to complete the job efficiently. 

    There have been numerous storms that caused a major wreck on many trees in Rochester Hills, and we have always been the go-to emergency tree removal company of most homeowners in the city. No matter the circumstance is, and whatever time of the day it may be, we are ready to perform our best and remove the dangerous situations in your yard.

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