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Tree Removal

Trees naturally lose twigs and branches over time. There is no problem when this happens in their natural environment, such as the forest. However, if it happens in your yard, there could be some problems, especially when they fall on your property. It is best to address the issue before it causes great trouble for you.

Proper pruning is crucial for the health of any tree, mainly for landscaped trees. For this reason, it is essential to prune your trees with the right knowledge and tools, so that you can get its full benefit. Tree Service Rochester Hills is highly skilled in the art and science of pruning. We make sure that we don’t over-prune your trees which can lead to more health and safety issues in the long run. Call us today, and we will provide you with a free estimate on pruning. 

We are dedicated to making sure your tree lives a healthy life, which is why we never remove a tree unless it is the only choice left for us. We will provide you with options that can help your tree recover. We will only remove your tree if it checks any or all of the following conditions:

  • It’s dead, dying, or diseased 
  • It’s been storm-damaged 
  • It has issues with its roots
  • It has overgrown
  • It presents liability issues 
  • It takes away from your overall property value

It pains us to remove trees. We see them as a gift from Mother Nature, and we want to keep them healthy as much as we can. Sadly, instances, when they should be removed, can’t be avoided. Whenever we have an opportunity to save a tree, that is what we do. We present you with options like cabling and bracing to support your tree and prevent it from falling. If the tree can no longer be salvaged, we can offer our expert tree removal service. We plan and use up-to-date tree removal techniques to ensure we finish the job safely and fast. 

One of our frequently asked questions is the cost of tree removal. The simple answer is we consider some factors before coming up with the final price. We first need to assess your tree, and then we can give you the device cost. 

We offer the following tree removal services:

  • Emergency tree removal
  • Large tree removal
  • Fallen tree removal
  • Shrub removal
  • Palm tree removal

    We begin all our tree removal services by customizing a plan specific to the needs of your tree. Our qualified tree experts will provide you with professional advice as to the risks involving your tree. Whether it’s a diseased tree, dying tree, or a tree planted in an awkward area, we have the skills and the equipment to eliminate it. 

    Emergency Tree Removal

    Our expert team is ready to respond to your emergency tree removal needs round the clock. Storms can come in the most unexpected time, which is why we go the extra mile by being available when you need us the most. We are happy to assist you in cleaning your landscape and removing all dangerous situations relative to trees. 

    We make residential and commercial tree services look easy with our well-trained staff members and state of the art equipment. We take tree jobs seriously, no matter the size or circumstance we are presented. We can handle a wide range of tree care from tree trimming to stump removal. Call us now, and we will be happy to discuss with you more about our services.

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